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Introduction to China COSCO Shipping News


China COSCO SHIPPING News is the mainstream press in the shipping industry administrated by China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited. The publication of this weekly paper is aiming at services for the reform and opening up and the development of the shipping industry of China. Focusing on the operations and businesses of China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited, China COSCO SHIPPING News carry forward COSCOCS’s culture,andbulid the COSCOCS brand image. China COSCO SHIPPING News is well-known for its rich contents, varied styles and qualified reports.






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《中国远洋海运》创刊于1995年1月,以"立足全球海运,洞悉市场变幻,推动行业发展" 为办刊宗旨。



Introduction to Maritime China

Maritime China, a comprehensive monthly publication, is administrated and sponsored by China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited.

Maritime China started its publication in January 1995. The aim of the publication of the magazine is “Base ourselves on domestic shipping, face international logistics, make friends worldwide and serve our global customers”. There are more than 10 columns such as Editorial, Summary, Watch, Overall, Specials, Focus, Shipping Industry, Law, Management, Ports, Market, Memory,  Business Directory, Sailing Schedules,etc. The magazine provides customers with more details on scheduled sailings and shipping movements of shipping lines, coupled with prompt and accurate information on logistics, trade and freight rates in accordance to the hot spot of supply and demand of the shipping market. It also provides advertising service for maritime enterprises, shippers and manufacturers both at home and abroad as well as organizes cultural and artistic exchanging activities and gives counsel on economy and information.

Maritime China, being colored, 16 mo and 154 pages, is published and distributed on the first day every month.